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Dear dog lover,


here you will find some of our thoughts “before buying a dog” and these thoughts and suggestions were about breeding work that has changed. The Labrador breed “from Lühlsbusch” is history and the last of my bitches have gone forever. Only Grille aus Lühlsbusch, owned by my wife Marion Ratanski-Kraft, still lives with us, and her daughter “Quitte vom Hülser Bruch” in particular is a source of constant joy but also a challenge.


If you are interested in taking a Labrador into your family, I would like to refer you to the home page of the kennel of Marion Ratanski-Kraft and her son David Platen-Kraft at the URL There you will find all information about the litter planning but also about the breeding work of this kennel with many years of experience as well as the type of Labrador that is created there. In short, it’s worth a visit!