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February 2019 - January 2020

During midsummer 2018 the „Lühlshof”, an old farming estate with its own hunting ground, the “Lühlsbusch” has been sold out of the family. So that’s brought over thirty years of my late wife’s and my work as game keepers and hunters to an end. Sad enough this meant the end of excellent chances to take wildlife photos so my plans of monthly updates with wild nature pictures came to a sudden stand still.


During fall of 2019 new times started together with my new wife Marion; we did engage in new interests of dog work, together with David Platen, Marion’s son. This has been of some importance to me, as the “Lühlsbusch “kennels are no longer working. So my eyes are watching the activities of Marion’s and David’s kennel “vom Hülserbruch”. There you will find photos of puppy rearing and dog work in this kennel.


Apart from this I am travelling around in the lower Rhine valley and other parts of northern Germany to get new impressions and take photos of wildlife and nature. Here are some of these taken from February 2019 up to January 2020.